Promote the innovation ecosystem – the International Federation of Industry and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology to find a global partner

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Promoting the Innovation Ecosystem The International Federation of Industry and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology is looking for a global partner to join forces

GLORIA (Global Research & Industry Alliance), which assembled 15 alliances to showcase the pioneering technologies and services of the alliances at COMPUTEX, and held an international member signing press conference today (6). As well as the GLORIA AI Innovation Application Forum, we will find suitable domestic and foreign industry partners to drive the innovation ecosystem of Taiwan’s science and technology. Chen Liangji, Minister of Science and Technology, said that with the concept of “small national strategy”, the International Federation of Industry and Education has adopted “Select and Focus”, “Selecting” the most opportunity and the most advantageous place, picking the strengths we should do, and then selecting according to the choice. The project’s “focus” breakthrough is the ultimate, and find the right partners from all over the world to fight together, form alliances, form a powerful team, and create industry and education value. GLORIA has established 74 well-known companies to establish overseas promotion bases in the United States, Vietnam, Malaysia and other places, as well as cross-agency and cross-domain cooperation. This signing press conference has a number of international heavyweight companies from different fields to join the ceremony. Including IBM, Kneron, Netlink, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, Quanta Computer, Jiashida, American Jiahe Biotech, Huahong New Technology, Evergreen Group, Quanta, Riyueguang and other companies signed a contract with the alliance to announce GLORIA and international companies Work together and team up to challenge the industry’s World Cup. Among the 15 alliances of GLORIA, many fields have introduced AI technology for practical application, showing a multi-disciplinary cooperation direction. Today (6), at the GLORIA AI Innovation Application Forum of the InnoVEX Forum of the World Trade Center III, the five alliances of Taiwan University, Success University, Jiaotong University, Taipei Medical University and Political University will be the driving force of AI’s new industry. Topics such as “The Five Best Solutions for Enterprise AI”, “Innovative Application Practices for AI”, and “Applications for AI in FinTech”, including Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, IBM, Appier, ImmerVision, Insilico, Graphen, etc. Representative companies to discuss innovative applications of AI.

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