Focus on the Internet of Things – Opulinks Technology is committed to creating ultra-low power wireless connectivity technology

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Focus on the Internet of Things Opulinks Technology is committed to creating ultra-low power wireless connectivity technology solutions
March 07, 2018 09:05 Source: HC Electronic Network
     “I know that if I don’t fight once, I will regret it. The Internet of Things will set off a technological revolution that will have a major impact on the way of life and the social environment. If it can become a major contributor or leader, it will be what I am pursuing. “Jason Lin, CEO of Shenzhen Opulinks Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview with HC Network. As Jason Lin said, technological innovation in today’s world and the explosive growth of applications and data are contributing to a world of interconnectedness. According to Forbes, by 2020, the Internet of Things market will reach 267 billion US dollars, and the Internet of Everything will become the theme of the intelligent era. Relevant technology innovators are also constantly striving to meet these growing demands.

Jason Lin, general manager of Shenzhen Opulinks Technology Co., Ltd.

Opulinks Technology helps the Internet of Everything Shenzhen Puling Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Opulinks Technology”) aims to provide customers with low-power, low-cost and high-performance SoC chip solutions with the goal of innovative IoT wireless connection technology. The integration of wireless connection technologies has helped the rapid development of the Internet of Things. Opulink Technology was founded shortly, but there is no doubt that the company has a strong team talent advantage and a thorough analysis of the market. Jason Lin and his core team members are the core R&D staff of the former American Broadcom wireless connection IC team. “Many of our team members, including me, have joined Broadcom when Broadcom does not have any wireless communication products. We have never done it. The world’s first. We have a very clear understanding of the market and products, we understand the needs of the Internet of Things market, know how to do it to completely solve the problems faced by the Internet of Things.” Jason Lin said. Jason Lin believes that power consumption, support for different wireless connections, data processing, security protocols, and product price are the top five issues that the Internet of Things market needs to address. The SoC chip developed by Opulinks Technology is responsible for the information transmission of IoT (Internet of Things), and transmits information from the node to the cloud, which corresponds to the demand of the Internet of Things and helps the Internet of Everything. “The first product we made is already a very difficult system chip. We don’t want to use the temporary product to attack the Internet of Things market just to lower the price of the product. This is also our new competitor. The difference lies in the OPL1000 ultra-low-power wireless connectivity technology solution. The OPL1000 is a new product launched by Opulinks Technology this year. The single SOC chip supports multiple wireless technologies, with unprecedented ultra-low power consumption and complete embedding. Architecture, two MCUs and flexible memory support flexible mode switching, secure IP (Intellectual Property Rights) to ensure wireless transmission and application security, high and low power dual PA design, can be used for wearable, consumer electronics, industrial, etc. field. Thanks to the experience accumulated by the team for many years, Opulinks Technology’s products have been repeatedly optimized and verified. One of the product advantages of Opulinks Technology is to support multiple wireless connection modes with one system. In the field of wireless communication, Opulinks Technology has planned the product line from the perspective of IoT demand, and has a fairly accurate grasp of the system requirements and solutions. Jason Lin said: “Multi-mode architecture is a more difficult architecture, but according to market experience, this is in line with market demand. The future of wireless communication requires multi-mode and more power-saving connection methods, plus improved data processing and reduced The necessary transmission frequency. Therefore, even if the product difficulty is quite high and the development time is long, Opulinks Technology hopes to develop products according to market demand.” The Internet of Things has relatively high requirements for power consumption, distance and penetration. With low data rate requirements, using these important elements, Opulinks Technology specially designed the OPL1000 chip, which uses a special shared architecture with ultra-power-saving circuit design and flexible software packet processor to reduce power consumption and expand The purpose of using distance is to ensure the highest efficiency of data transmission. At present, the OPL1000 chip Wi-Fi power consumption current is one-fourth of the peer, completely breaking the specifications of existing products. In the past, system conversion was usually achieved at the gateway product, but Opulinks Technology could switch the system on the terminal product. For example, when a large number of sensors in a home require remote control, different network architectures can be established by using the OPL1000 sensor in the App setting mode. When most of the sensors in each room use the BLE (Low Power Bluetooth) transmission mode, they can be converted into Wi-Fi packets and transmitted to the cloud through one of the sensors. The OPL1000 is dual-mode, and any sensor can be dynamically converted to a terminal or gateway operating mode. In addition, the chip has a dual-core processor that wirelessly connects to Wi-Fi and BLE. The high integrated circuit includes power management, power amplifiers and hardware encryption modules to reduce system cost. It is reported that Opulinks Technology will launch OPL1000 (802.11b+BLE) in March and will be on display at the China Electronics and Consumer Electronics Show (AWE) W3-3A31 booth on March 8-11. This is also the first of Opulinks Technology. A product. This product is expected to be sampled in April and mass production will begin in May. For more information, please contact or contact Editor in charge: Chen Caixia