Future Strategy: US and China are on the bar, the two sides are nervous, how to eat business opportunities? IC design fights again, the first group “hybrid guerrillas”

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Future strategy” US-China bargaining, cross-strait tension, how to eat business opportunities? IC design fights again, the first group “hybrid guerrillas”
Author: Business Weekly Wu Zhongjie | Date of publication: 2018-07-05

Enterprise positioning must be “no borders”! At the beginning of the venture, the United States and Taiwan resources were combined to target the Internet of China’s IoT chip startup network communication. Its executive director, Lin Mingyou, stayed in the United States from a young age. After his master’s degree, he worked in semiconductor companies such as Qualcomm and Broadcom. He admitted that he was confused about how the company “identified” and “advertised” himself. Lin Ming-you said that when he was exhibiting, Chinese manufacturers said to him: “If you have such a strong technology, you should call yourself a US company, and you have a “premium” and imagination space.” However, if he would himself Positioned as a US company, the dilemma is that it is difficult to have the opportunity to be acquired in the Chinese market, and even if the trade war worsens, the product may not be sold to China. However, if you are a Chinese company, you can enjoy subsidies such as tax, purchase, and filming. But the challenge is that the team may not want to move all the way to China, or when they land, people will accelerate their digs. Finally, he decided to position his own business as an international company without borders and registered in all three places. When you start a business, you can mix blood and test the difficulty of management. Lin Ming-yu said that the employees in each region are actually different, and the incentives must be tailored to local conditions. For example, if Taiwanese want to balance their lives and work, Chinese employees must be allotted shares. American employees should enter the new springboard, apply for a residence permit, and work permits, because most of the company’s employees in the United States are non-Americans. Lin Ming-soo said that when the situation is turbulent, the smaller the company, the more flexible the guerrillas. “When the world is very chaotic, we have our chances.”

Network Communications Executive Director Lin Mingyou